Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We will miss Summer . . .

The girls and I have been having so much fun being outside and playing in the water. Summer will be missed out here in Menifee! Hailey grows up a bit each day, I think. Last night our family was all sitting on the couch talking and Hailey says, "Lets play a game guys." We were like, what game do you want to play? She said she wanted to play Hide and Seek. We didn't know she knew that one, so we played in the dark house for a bit, it was fun watching her hunt for one of us, a bit scared and timid.
The girls also love when Shon gets the big map out and the love looking for where the Princesses live.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Princess Hailey

So my sister in law made Hailey and about 7 other little girls these dresses to be in a family wedding. She loved it!! She really acted the part prancing around holding her dress up on both sides at this wedding. We took some of the girls to the park a few days later for a mini photo shoot. Hailey was in heaven, dancing around and posing, just thought I would share a few. I love my new camera!

Monday, August 6, 2007


More vacation pics!


We are home from vacation! We had so much fun and the girls hated to leave. We were in Jackson Meadows, North of Lake Tahoe. It was Shon's family reunion, and there were about 70 people there. His family is so much fun, and we had this nice lake all to ourselves. The best luxury was the trailer we rented. A little nicer than a tent! It was nice to have a bed at the end of the day and a shower!