Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Still here, barely!

So much has gone in since last August when I last updated! The girls are thriving in school and doing so well. This cute kid just turned 3! I can't believe it has been three years since she entered our famly.  She is potty trained completely and what a blessing that has been. I am still in Relief Society and that is a busy place to be, Shon still a reluctant Scout leader.
Hailey is 8 1/2 and loves 3rd grade. Her and her bestie Kalia are in the same class and she now talks on the phone, which is odd. She loves to read and is very artistic. Loves to create stories and draw.
McKenzie is almost 7 and in 1st grade. She has made quite a few new friends this year and loves seeing them at school.  That is about all she loves about it. McKenzie would rather be home than just about anywhere, but she recently learned to juggle, which is fun to watch.
Addison, sweet Addison. Big Bad three year old is my social butterfly. Can't wait to start school, and loves church and her nursery class so much. She is a big kid, like literally, and has the most hilarious sense of humor. She makes me laugh like nobody else can. She says and does the funniest things at just the right time. I need to stick her in dance soon, because she loves to dance and loves all things musical. Sings all day long.
We lost my beloved Cooper right after Christmas. He was my first child. I had him before I had my sweet family and losing him was so hard. He is still in my thoughts everyday.

There is a quick update on us!