Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4 Month Stats on the youngest Petersen

So here she is in all her glory! Apparently at the Pediatricians office yesterday, we learned that Addy is kinda a big girl. She is 18 lbs and about the size of a 7 month -12 month old. Yea, that is right, she is 4 months. I love every inch of those chubby thighs! They said her head is in the 95th percentile, but for Height and weight, she is off the charts. I am sure the growing will slow down soon. She is perfect in every way and just the best natured baby. She is so good and mellow.

More of Hailey's B-day!

So Hailey's birthday has come and gone. It was fun and we had family over for an array of desserts. She had a great time and thanks to all involved!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday to my first born!

Hailey McKay turned 6 today and will start 1st grade next month. I can't believe it. We love Hailey, obviously. She is our sweetest and most emotional! We went to Johns Incredible Pizza today so Hailey could ride the roller coaster, she loves it! We also learned that McKenzie has a new found talent for bowling, who would have thought? We will have a small get together here tomorrow with family, she can't wait. Happy Birthday Peanut! I love you and you have changed my life forever!

Carlsbad . . .

So we ended up in Carlsbad for the Fourth of July. Started out so fun and exciting to be away from home, but it was chilly and we were supposed to be at this fancy resort with a great pool and splash pad for the kids. We still went, but Hailey and Shon were about the only ones in our group to have fun! I stayed in a chair and fed Addy, but Hailey discovered she loves swimming, so that is good! We were only at the pool for maybe 30-40 min when we got a phone call that our dogs broke out of the yard on the 4th of July. They freaked out from the Fireworks next door and bolted! Needless to say, we packed up and headed home to search for them. My Coop was picked up by Murrieta PD and was safe and sound in an animal shelter, but we have yet to find my mom's dog. She is pretty little, pretty old, and pretty blind.