Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My McKenzie is 5!!!

My sweet, very strong spirited McKenzie is officially 5 today! We celebrated on Easter since we already had the family over, so here are just a few pictures. We love this kid, but we have no idea how she is becoming the little girl she is becoming. Very strong willed, and determined. She loves to push the buttons of her sisters! But she is also the funniest kid I know and loves her mom to no end! She is also the most shy kid in the world. I can't imagine her starting kindergarten in like 4 months!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Petersen's are Campers

So about 2 months ago, we had planned to go camping, but that weekend called for like 50 inches of rain, so we rescheduled for this past weekend. We barely missed the rain, but the cold was crazy. Seeing your breath in the tent all night long and wondering if all of your toes would still be attached to your feet in the morning, are not things I want to worry about!! The kids had tons of fun, but then again, they had all of the blankets we brought, and Shon and I had nothing but a sleeping bag in a 34 degree night. So glad we went though, great kick off to two weeks of SPRING BREAK! I feel like I am on vacation and I don't have to get up for school too! Cute sisters love each other, sometimes
My super adorable niece, Sophie
Laying in the tent
McKenzie loving the "meadow" there
The sweet faced Lily was soooo bundled up, I was wishing I had Morgan pack my bag for me!
Aunt Morgan brought Addy a hat and scarf, and thank goodness she did!!
CHEESE, setting up
The cousins were so happy to be together and run around like wild animals!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A little Updating

So a little over a month ago, I picked Hailey up from school early and we met some family at Disneyland. It was fun, and a bit crowded. Here is Hailey with her cousin in line for Toy Story ride, which everyone loved. Taking 3 kids to Disneyland alone, wasn't that fun though. Not sure I will try that again soon!

Here is Addy resting on her uncle Scott. He was a huge help that day even though he had 3 of his own kids to worry about!