Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Pumpkins

So we carved 3 pumpkins last night. Hailey and McKenzie weren't very interested. Hailey thought the pumpkins smelled really bad, so we were on our own. Shon created a great Darth Vader, and Hailey requested from me a pumpkin with no scary face, so there it is. Hailey was pretty ill last week, but getting over things well. We are crossing our fingers McKenzie doesn't get sick, but it's pretty hard to monitor them not sharing cups etc.!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Potty Woes

So I have decided I hate potty training. We have spent the last two full days in the bathroom and after much laundry and frustration, no luck yet. She hasn't even gone by accident!! Which is amazing considering how much I have given her to drink and how long we sit there!! I brought the portable DVD player in the bathroom and we seriously have been in there all day yesterday and we have begun the same routine today! What is it with stubborn toddlers!!??? I have taken diapers away, for most of the day, let her run around naked for awhile, and nothin! I need help, this girl won't take bribes!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch . . . .

So we took the girls to a great Pumpkin Patch in Temecula among the wineries. It was fun and the girls loved wandering around the place and picking out Pumpkins. It was cold and windy! Hailey insisted on getting herself a pumpkin, her baby sister a pumpkin, and her good ol friend Ernie a pumpkin of his own. Ernie is her best friend and stuffed elephant. He is in the pictures too! Enjoy!

Monday, October 1, 2007

My baseball Star

So we had a family outing to Target this weekend and took Hailey to the Baseball section. We found a mitt her size and she loved putting it on along with the helmet. It was cute. Who needs boys anyway!? I recently took the cub scouts on a field trip, there were 18 boys, ages 8-9. I had 6 of them in my car and that was the longest 20 min. of my life. It was crazy loud and they are pretty gross too. I am re-thinking wanting boys!