Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Last Beach trip for the summer!

So, I get to request 1 Saturday off a month because Shon is in school 8 hours for one Sat. a month. So, it's nice to have a Sat. off, but too bad my whole family can't be together for it. My family was headed for the beach, so I decided to pack up the girls for our last beach trip of the summer! It was the most gorgeous day ever down there. Wonderful weather! Here are a few pics to close out summer around here, hopefully. We are very sick of the heat and can't wait for fall!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Still Going Strong . . .

So, Shon and I have switched schedules starting this week. He is back on days, which he is loving and I am back to workin nights in retail! Not so glamorous, but it works. I am happy for him though. He may finally get some sleep, and I get the pleasure of taking my beautiful daughter to and from school everyday! I love hearing all about her "friends" and what she learned.

McKenzie is cute when we take Hailey to school. She is great and well behaved. It's wonderful to not have to break up a fight every 5 minutes. But about 1 hour after dropping Hailey off, McKenzie was ready to go pick her up today.
And here is some outdoor fun the other night.