Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Arizona Trip . . .

We packed up for a long weekend in Arizona this past Friday. Took the kids to the Grand Canyon and to the Polar Express train in Williams. It was fun and unusual to be cold! Hailey kept calling the Grand Canyon a Hole. She kept wanting to go look at the big hole and acted as our tour guide.
About to board the Polar Express in our Jammies. McKenzie getting her bell from Santa. Her face after he walked away, was priceless. . .

Monday, November 16, 2009

An add on to my previous post.

So here it is at 6 months exactly, with my little shadow, who just told me she doesn't love the new baby, by the way. Hailey loves to feel my tummy jump around, so at least one of my children won't try to smother this new little life!

Still Kicking . . .

So I didn't have any adorable pictures of my children and haven't done anything exciting except for work in the last few weeks, but thought I would post something anyway since it has been a little while. This is where we are headed this weekend:Yup, the Grand Canyon. We are just doing a quick trip with my whole family and I can't wait to get outta this zip code! We will only be gone from Fri. to Sunday, but I can't believe Shon and I both don't have to work! We are taking the kids to the Polar Express train ride on Saturday, which should be so much fun and get us in the mood for Christmas. I could use some stinkin Christmas cheer right about now.
Other than our big 2 day vacation that we are taking in 2 years, and possibly many more, I am growing. People can't believe I am only 6 months pregnant and ask often if I am having twins at work. This lady came in last night asking me for nursing bras, she was exactly the same size as me, height, tummy and all, but when I asked her when she is due, she said 4 weeks, to that I had to reply 3 1/3 months!!! Not cool, I am a petite girl, but apparently have the uterus of a woman about to give birth! Which reminds me, I should upload a new pic soon. Enjoy your week everyone!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Some Pumpkin patch/Halloween fun

This year, Shon's sister made these adorable Pixie Fairy cosutmes for the girls. They were wonderful and the girls were so excited to learn the day after Halloween that we didn't have to give them back to Aunt Brook. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us Brook!!