Sunday, January 30, 2011

This kid breaks my heart

So my adorable Addy is just one month from being 1 year!! I cannot wrap my head around how fast she is growing! She developed a cough on Wed. that sounded nasty, but then that night it got way worse. I took her in to the Dr. on Thurs morning and it sounded like Croup! Sucks. So they immediatly gave her a breathing treatment and a steroid shot, and prescribed steroids to clear it up! She was such a different kid for like 3 days! She is started to return to her happy self today. We stopped the steroids though because they kept her up allllllll night long. She was cranky and couldn't sleep, not fun for the parents! This is the breathing machine they left me to put on her alone, she fought me, I only won that battle about half the time.

So Hailey now has a sore throat and ear ache, so she may be headed to the Dr. tomorrow if the ear ache doesn't clear up. Otherwise, the Petersen clan is doing fantastic!

My Newest Obsession . . .

So this is my new toy and I love it. It was supposed to be a Christmas/Anniversary gift, but we are just now getting around to getting it. It's an HP Mini, so it's more the size of a large portable DVD player, but has the functions of a laptop. (at half the price of a laptop)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just a little bit of Jan.

Happy New Year!! I can't believe it's 2011 already! Shon and I just celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary, of course he loves reminding me that if I had cooperated and married him the first time, it would have been our 12 yr anniversary. We are now back in the swing of things with school. The girls had 3 weeks off, and it was nice, but the fighting and them being so board had to come to an end! Here are a few pics, Addy is growing so fast! Her first birthday is in like 5 weeks!! She still refuses to hold her own bottle and it kills me, but she loves crawling around and chasing her big sisters!