Sunday, April 29, 2012

McKenzie is 6!!

McKenzie's favorites:

Color: Aquamarine

Animal: Elephants and puppies

Food: Strawberries

BFF: Alex

What do I want to be when I grow up: Police Woman

Favorite Toy: Stuffed animals

Favorite thing about school: Snack, because I like my fruit snacks.

McKenzie also says she LOVES her family.  We played hookie and took the girls to the beach for McKenzie's birthday. They had lots of fun. We ate lunch at the Diner on the Pier and had chocolate shakes. McKenzie is so sweet and so unique.  She has an interesting fashion sense and is very creative!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The kids and Spring Break!

So our break is coming to an end and my two oldest are currently spending the night at their cousins house, so I find myself with some time to add some updates. First of all, my kids are so adorable, I couldn't wait to have them all to myself for Spring Break and for the most part it went well, with little bickering and fighting and the "mom, I am bored" phrase. It was fun, we relaxed, went to the park, watched movies, played games, built forts. I really enjoyed them and I am a little sad to see them head back to school next week. Our newest addition, Ruger, the adorable German Shepard pup you see next to my very handsome Coop, is doing very well.  He is a fun pup and learning little by little. Cooper is keeping him in line for us.