Monday, February 28, 2011

My Sweet Addison turned one last week!!!!!

So, this is the first kid to not dive into her very own cake and make a huge mess! My other two were covered in cake and frosting, so were all my nieces and nephews! Addy didn't touch the cake, didn't make a mess, and had to be fed her cake by fork!!

Where on earth has the last year gone. This is maybe the fastest any baby has ever grown! It sucks when it's your last and you realize, this is the last 1st birthday party I will ever throw! I love my sweet Addy more than the air I breathe. She has the best personality already. She gives me the biggest cheesiest smile to where her eyes are so squinted, she can hardly see, then the next minute she growls at me and points with her angry face. Pure joy and love.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Camping weekend!

So, my entire family was supposed to be camping right now, I am missing my campfire because of this rain! My girls were a little sad, so I talked Shon into setting up a tent inside for them to sleep in and have an indoor camp out! They were so excited and played in this all night, too bad it took up the entire family room, from wall to couch, to TV!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Nothing, these are the flannel PJ pants I MADE

Just because Addy is cute, here is one of her. Maybe I will try and make flannel bottoms for her next!

Love these faces.

Seriously, I have some cute girls! These are the flannel PJ Pants I made for my girls. They are far from perfect, but I marveled tonight as they ran around the house in actual pants that I made!! I would do anything for these stinkin kids, including learn to sew, and for you guys that know me, knows that is HUGE!