Monday, June 28, 2010

The Blessing . . . . Finally!

So we finally got around to blessing Addison. There have been multiple attempts, and lots of things came up. We just had a small group over to the house after church on Sunday and it was a lovely day.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Graduations, Hospitals, and Cereal!

I tried Addison on some rice cereal this week, it didn't go well. So far she isn't a fan. I have only tried twice and she has no idea of what to do with this stuff and the spoon. She is a work in progress. She is also getting huge!! We are in love with her every minute.

My little Peanut graduated from Kindergarten!!! I can't even believe it. The cute little Promotion ceremony was so fun and cute. She was very proud and so was I!!

The reason I mention hospitals in the title is because that is what Shon has been doing! His poor brother went into the hospital over 2 weeks ago and still hasn't come out! He has been sick for a long time, and was having a hard time breathing, this is a very long story, but they ended up putting him on a breathing machine and putting him OUT. He was in dream world for over 2 weeks on a machine breathing for him with 100% oxygen. He is off that machine now, thank goodness, but is being treated for something called Wegners Disease. He has had Chemo among tons of other treatments. Shon has been there everyday with him after work and on the weekends. We miss him around here, but hope and pray his brother comes home soon and is well!