Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer so far . . .

Summer so far has been pretty uneventful, it has been filled with playing with neighborhood kids, swim lessons, and relaxing at home. Above was McKenzie's eye appt. She falls about 5 times a day and runs into various walls, door knobs and chairs, so her Dr. suggested we take her to the Childrens Eye Institute to rule that out. She is fine, a little far sided for a 5 year old, but nothing they want her to wear glasses for. Guess she is just clumsy!
Addy loves the water and never wanted to get out. Here she is swimming with her daddy on the 4th of July at a family party.
McKenzie stays pretty close to the edge and steps. Didn't learn much from swim lessons!
Hailey has tons of confidence with her floaties on! Loves the water.
Modeling the new swim suits for the year.
The famous Mean Face from Addy. I get this look daily.
Father's Day all dressed up for Daddy in the same dresses. Love these girls, they are my life.