Friday, March 11, 2011

I am Creating . . .

So I made this little summer dress completely from one of Shon's old shirts! I found this website with a tutorial, and while there is no way my girls will wear it for real, it was fun and great practice for me. I am almost sewing in a straight line, almost! Here it is, the flower needs some attention, it just made out of extra scraps from the shirt I cut up and I had issues getting it to sit right. Hailey also is less than thrilled to model such a dress.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


So lately I have had a strong desire to learn more about sewing, but don't have anything except black thread, white thread, and some elastic! (Along with a few other sewing necessities) So today, I found myself cutting up some old stuff, like this old skirt I only wore outside to sit in the sun in. I cut it up, and made a skirt for my Peanut. She loves it, even though I was too lazy to change the thread already in my machine, so it's white and looks horrid. The skirt otherwise is alright and Hailey was begging to wear it to school tomorrow.