Thursday, February 12, 2015


I saw this and it was very fitting for what I studied this week. We studied Covenants and Ordinances. I know that I have to live worthily to obtain the blessings of the covenants I have made in the temple, and at baptism. If I can make sure I am doing all I can to keep those covenants, it will be easier for me to help my family make and keep covenants. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

An FHE among the stars

We have beautiful California nights out here and we spend our family home evening in the dark under the stars on the trampoline this week. It was so great to just sit there suspended and teaching our girls about the kind of young women we want them to grow up to be. We watched a video about the Young Women leaders that found a purse at the end of a dance and how they wanted to identify it's owner so they opened the bag. They learned so much about this young girl and her devotion to the gospel and serving others. I loved sharing this with my girls and how they can show others what their values are.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

I love them . . .

I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a hike today with my brother's families and my kids. It was such a nice day! While walking the trails for a little while alone today, I realized how fantastic it felt to be out in nature with everyone I love most in this world. I felt such an awesome responsibility to these three kids in which the Lord has entrusted me with. I am charged with the duties of teaching them the gospel, nurturing them, and keeping them safe. I fear a day when my influence on them will no longer be felt. I am trying to cherish these days where they love me and genuinely want to be around me. 
The cousins!