Sunday, March 28, 2010

A few Pictures from the Weekend . . .

Yesterday was beautiful and my sister in law called us up to head to the beach, so we did and it was perfect. I took way too many pictures of my adorable niece and nephew so here they all are!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One Month Old Today!

We made it to four weeks! Addison is doing well and growing like a little weed.
So my brother just got married this past weekend in Utah. My husband couldn't go because of school and work, so I did the dumbest thing ever and packed my three kids up, including a newborn and hit the open road. 15 fwy North, Keep going straight until you want to kill yourself.
It wasn't fun by any means, and riding in the car with two kids that want to Pee every time they get a little bored and a newborn that literally eats every 2.5 hours then has to be burped, is totally crazy. I won't be doing that again anytime soon. But on a lighter note, the girls got to see and play in some snow for the first time ever. The sealing was in the Bountiful Temple and was absolutely amazing and touching. I am so glad I was there. I needed that eternal perspective on life as a reminder when I drove my "creations" home the next day. I, of course, forgot my camera for the joyous occasion, but trust me, it was beautiful!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

We made it to 2 weeks!!

Hailey lost another tooth yesterday, this was one of the big ones on top finally! She talks pretty cute now with a tiny lisp, it's funny. I make her say things with an S sound all the time. This is the 5th tooth she has lost in the last year! She is sooo stinkin smart it amazes me every single day. She loves reading and doing math at school. She tries to read everything she can and is always drawing, or writing at home. She has been a huge help to me in the last few weeks and I am so glad Hailey was sent to me first. She is a special kid!
McKenzie got to see the Dr. today too, she was an angel and this is her eating her reward, marshmallows. She is such a funny little girl and makes me laugh all the time with her faces and the things she says. What a personality this one has!

Addison made it two weeks old! We had a Dr. appt today and she is perfect, of course. Grew 2 whole inches and gained over a pound. She is such a good baby, I lucked out so far. Just wakes up for a very short time in the night twice to eat, but goes right back to bed. Today was the first day she was a bit fussy for no reason, but I will take it! The girls adore her and keep telling me she is the cutest baby they have ever seen. It is still a mystery as to who this little kid looks like. I see Hailey sometimes, but then I also see McKenzie every now and then too. It has been a challenging week carting three kids around and trying to get Hailey to school ontime, I will get used to it though.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Pictures of Addison

One week old today! We are in love with her . . .