Friday, March 30, 2012

Still Kickin

So we are still here and alive! I am on the brink of SPRING BREAK! I might be more excited than the kids. The idea of not fighting over homework, packing lunches and negotiating outfits to wear to school, has me pretty thrilled! Addy is hiding in the above picture. This was our little fam at the Ward party.  Our Stake changed all the boundries of the wards, and we got moved! I miss that ward so bad, but I am not as busy! No new calling yet! The girls had their Cougar Run to raise money that day, so they were tired. McKenzie ran 9 laps, and Hailey ran 11 laps.
The next picture is the other little creature keeping us busy! My mom brought home a German Shepard puppy, and he is cute! Meet Ruger!